The true objective of a leader is to water the garden that is in front of you.

To watch the flowers of philanthropy grow and attract those hungry for the nectar of change.

To see the trees of courage grow tall and shade those below.

To cultivate the ground filled with love and compassion that runs through the leaves of every plant.

To weed out the naysayers who tell you that “it’s not possible.”

To sow the seeds of kindness that will grow into a world filled with peace and harmony.

To encourage the roots of stability and determination to find their footing in the ground.

Our job is to build the bridges of hope that will allow our children to feel that they have the power to make s real difference in this World. Not to hide away from the real issues in front of us. To make learning tangible and real so that our children can see, breathe and feel the differences that they make.

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