Just look at the quality of the air in Nepal. Thre…

Just look at the quality of the air in Nepal. Three years on from the disaster, I asked my friend something and his answer was the most profound thing I’ve ever heard.

It was morning and we needed to travel the 40km back to Kathmandu. (9 hours) on a bus 400 rupees or 12 minute flight 10,000 rupees.

I said “Hey let’s fly”, but Anand insisted we take the bus. I argued that we would be there in time for breakfast and if we took the bus it would take all day. A day wasted

After sitting on the bus for 8 hours and still not even half way there, it broke down. The wheel fell off. The driver asked everyone to disembark and informed us that another bus was on it’s way. It’s origin, the same place we had left from.

So as we waited the eight hours by the side of the road on a dusty mountain pass I asked Anand. “Hey why didn’t we just take the flight. Yes it costs a little more but we wouldn’t have wasted a whole day.”

His response put everything in perspective. He said. “Gavin if I can save 100 rupees by taking a bus that takes 50 times longer than the aeroplane, I’ll take it, I’ll always take the cheapest option no matter how long it takes, you see here in Nepal time is the only thing we’ve got, money is the one thing we don’t have. I’ll always choose time.

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