As a nervous flyer I find it hard to jump on these…

As a nervous flyer I find it hard to jump on these tiny old planes in a country with the worst safety record on earth. But I do it because I want the feeling of getting help to remote places.

People often say “Wow you’re doing such good work for Nepal, for our people!”

My reply is “I’m not doing it for you, or the kids. I’m doing it for me! I’m doing it because of the feeling it gives me!”

Yes the children and the community benefit from it but ultimately it’s a selfish act.

When you plant a tomato plant in your garden. People don’t say “Wow you’ve created a small micro habitat there, and your cleaning the air from pollution and producing oxygen for life on earth. Those roots are really strengthening the soil to stop soil erosion. Well done”

Because they know you’re growing that tomato to taste it’s juicy flavour. Similar to my story but the taste of kindness is the sweetest flavour of all.

Thank you all for your support! ❤️

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