It was a rainy monsoon morning on the Indian borde…

It was a rainy monsoon morning on the Indian border. I sat with 12 children between the ages of 2 and 4. We talked about fruits and the children showed me and each other where they fit in the puzzle.

We all wrapped up warm and giggled as I pulled funny faces.

The skills they will need to make it in life will be very different to the skills of my students in Sydney. But to move forward as a society we need to teach innovation and entrepreneurship into our students.

Standard jobs are dying, Artificial intelligence and technology will replace the mundane jobs of today. We must allow our students to solve problems, to think abstractly and to use their intuition.

The economic world is changing and the skills we are providing the students of today will soon be irrelevant. Here are several ways you can inspire innovation in your classroom.

1. Provide them with real world problems. ‘What would you do to stop global warming?’

2. Allow them to improve the classroom and school in their own way. “How can we improve the playground? How can I improve my teaching?”

3. Allow social situations to be solved by the students themselves. Don’t step in too soon as the teacher. Otherwise you will deter the class from solving their own problems democratically.


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