It was a long emotional day. An eight year old gir…

It was a long emotional day. An eight year old girl in my class has a seizure during group time. She is an amazing student, so intuitive and hardworking.

Like any child, she takes her time to trust people. My job as a teacher is obviously to educate but at the same time it is crucial to build trust with your students. If you want them to follow you on the journey called education, then they must believe in what you preach.

After the seizure had ended we had to go to hospital, I talked to her in the ambulance, made her smile and laugh, we joked about not doing any homework and eventually arrived at hospital. Soon after, mum and dad arrived and my duties as a teacher were done for the day.

The next morning I found this sitting on my desk. Handmade cookies! Yummy, but it wasn’t until a lesson on mathematics later that morning that I knew the true impact of our journey to the hospital.

During a lesson on fractions, she put her hand on my arm, squeezed it and smiled. And at that moment I knew that we were on the journey of education together and I understood what to be a teacher really meant.

Never underestimate the potential of trust!

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