I’m sick of hearing about how I can turn rags into…

I’m sick of hearing about how I can turn rags into riches, ten ways to make my millions in 12 months, what makes a true businessman? I want real people in my life, not people pushing their own agenda. So here’s one for you. And what a person he is.

I’m training some teachers on the Indian border and I met him today in a small village during my lunch break. His name is Anup and three years ago he left his family, took a job in Qatar as a hotel porter to earn money so he could set up the business you see behind him.

His business consists of two wooden windows under a tin roof on a dirt track. He sells sachets of shampoo, single tea bags, single slices of bread and packets of noodles. He works 15 hours a day, makes around $3 profit and he does all of that so that his 2 year old daughter can go to school because he never had a chance to.

So if you’re having a bad day because your Mercedes broke down struggling at work because your salary increase was only 10% or finding it hard to purchase your 5th invest property, This guy will put things into perspective and show you the way. This is what I call a man, a real man!

Let’s have some real people on here for a change!

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