I’m getting lots of messages asking how schools ca…

I’m getting lots of messages asking how schools can incorporate Montessori methods into their mainstream classrooms. Here are a few simple adjustments you can make.

1. Firstly provide each child with a diary. 1 page represents one day. At the end of each day give children a chance to plan for tomorrow. “What do they plan on doing tomorrow and how was today?”

2. When giving lessons, only give them to small groups of children. While you are presenting the lesson on molecules (see image below) the remaining students are working on research or reports from lessons they have previously had.

3. Give children deadlines. “Ok guys so our lesson on the human heart is over, you have one week to complete your research and presentation. Please pop the due date in your diary”

4. Allow children the freedom to work with whom they choose. You’re right? Problems may arise if thomas and Alice work together, but they will solve that problem and learn a great deal from it.

5. Don’t give away all the information during your lesson. If you’re teaching the fundamental needs of humans, only give them a few and the rest will be part of their research.

6. Don’t make the child work to impress YOU , give them a purpose for working. “Why did you produce that poster?”


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