When I visit schools, I tell immense stories that …

When I visit schools, I tell immense stories that captivate the audience. They’re always about my life but each time I tell a story it’s different. Here’s my top 6 tips for a great story!

1. The audience have got to believe it was real, whether it was or not, you’re allowed to use ‘storytellers licence.’

2. Make sure the audience understands the setting of the story. “Do you all know where japan is? Well it’s a country next to Korea where sumo wrestling takes place” if the audience don’t know the setting, it’s hard for them to visualise.

3. Give your story a huge cliffhanger, and when you get there, slow down, talk with emotion and even stop for a minute. “And then the unthinkable happed, my mum’s car pulled into the drive, we had to hide the evidence!”

4. Tell the class about stories in your actual life. It’s good to know that you are a real human and that you don’t live in the cupboard with the art and craft.

5. Use voices. Children love a good voiceover when telling a story. Even if it’s just changing your tone. Use voices fir each of the characters and you’ll have your audience mesmerised.

6. Make it funny. We all love a good old laugh. Every child will go home and tell it to their parents. And if it’s a good story mum will love it too. ❤️

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