If you want to be accepted by your class as genuin…

If you want to be accepted by your class as genuine, as a person, as a true inspiration. BE REAL!

Tell them how you feel, inform them of the trials and tribulations in your life and how you’ve dealt with them. What did you do last night? Movies? Rock climbing?

For only when you are real will they start to associate themselves in the world with you.

Everyone loves a good story, it sets the scene. So why not end the day with a real story about you. Somewhere you’ve been or something you did.

The true talent of a teacher is not to recite facts and get children to memorise strategies or techniques. It’s not to tell them what to think. You’re true skill is to tell them where to look, but allow them to decide what it is their looking for.

The world is real. It’s hard, harsh and confronting at times. People are not always going to be nice. The news isn’t always good. (In fact it’s rarely good).

But being true to who you are as their teacher. Showing your weaknesses. Your flaws, sharing that time when you failed, allows your children to be able to express their emotions, their stories, their worries.

Be true and real to your class and together we can build resilient children who have the power to share their emotions and worries.

Have a good day ❤️

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