If we wrap our children in cotton wool and protect…

If we wrap our children in cotton wool and protect them from everything that scares us, then our children will never learn how to cope in a world that is not all sunshine and roses.

There are some bad people out there, they’ll say horrible things, they’ll hurt your feelings and they’ll make you feel terrible.

Having coping mechanisms to deal with these issues as they arise is the key to a healthy community. The word is resilience.

But how do you teach resilience? Well you don’t teach it, you allow it to grow organically by enabling your class to work outside their comfort zone, allow them to try new things, allow them to FAIL.

If you want to give them the confidence to fail and start again, then you must lead by example.

Do something everyday that scares you. It may be talking to someone new, raising a point that’s been bugging you for a while, telling someone how you REALLY feel or having lunch with me on this hanging rock.

Have a great weekend everyone. ❤️

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