Here’s why I write so much on LinkedIn. I’ve spen…

Here’s why I write so much on LinkedIn.

I’ve spent a lot of time in countries where I feel the education system is flawed. Developing and developed.

I don’t have the power the create educational reform from my position in society but if I can get enough parents and teachers to sing the same tune that I sing.

To consider the future, to understand that testing and ranking our children is redundant, to allow our children to find their niche, to set their own goals, to hold their teachers accountable.

If I can empower teachers to read the curriculum in in a way that suits them, still meeting the requirements of the state without forcing their students through tests just to tick a box.

If I can give advice, guidance and mentorship on classroom management, pedagogical change and assessment then it is worth it.

It’s not easy coming up with new content everyday, but I try my best and I do it because I want the children of the future to save the planet that we have failed to take care of.

We’ve polluted the skies, poisoned the oceans, cut down the lungs of the earth and harmed our fellow man in ways in ways I won’t describe.

Our children are the future so let’s walk together, sing the same song and make the world, the world we all dreamed of!


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