Dear parents, Stephanie is …

Dear parents,

Stephanie is doing really well in class. The hives have cleared up and she’s now starting to enjoy coming to school. She no longer seeks attention in all the wrong places and has really started to find the subjects that she loves and become fully immersed in them.

Her friendship groups have now started to flourish and her potential in class is growing on a daily basis. I am so impressed with her and he new zest for life.

I’m writing to you because I feel that you need to know why she has had a sudden turn around. It is not to do with me or the school.

The reason she is starting to flourish is because you started to give her the one thing that each and every child craves from their parents. Yes you bought her nice clothes, you live in a big house and she has a new iPad. But still she was disengaged and insecure. And as a 9 year old that must be hard for any parents to deal with.

You listenedd to advice from myself and others and by giving her the ultimate sacrifice you as parents, have turned her life around.

You gave her what every child in life needs and every parent has at home for free.


By giving up your time to be with your child she now feels loved at home and school.

This letter is fictional


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