Having worked in the Islamic community for many ye…

Having worked in the Islamic community for many years I understand how the media can make a community and the individuals within it feel.

Islam like any religion, has its rogue followers who don’t look the essence of the faith in its purest form. We will always have bad people in this world and it’s important that our children are resilient and intelligent enough to understand that headlines are designed to sell papers.

There are lots of hidden agendas swirling around in the political and corporate world that we as adults can digest easily. It is however harder fir our children to pick up on them. A globally Rich education of the world and its people, is what we as teachers and parents need to be delivering.

Equality for all, a fair go, and a level playing field. The world is ours to share, so let’s share it.

Ramadan Mubarak to all my Islamic friends. Inshallah your year will be beautiful and peaceful. This photo is of whom I absolutely adore. ❤️

Shukran #peace #equality #go #religi

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