For years we have been told that “Children should …

For years we have been told that “Children should be seen and not heard!”

That a quiet class is a hardworking one!

We’ve heard teachers saying “shhhhhh” and asking the children to “work quietly!”

But should a classroom be quiet or should it be noisy? Here’s what I think.

If your class is quiet then you’re not using the curriculum to it’s full potential, you are controlling your class in a way that restricts their learning potential, you as a teacher have put fear into them that if they’re not quiet then some form of punishment will occur. A quiet classroom is not functioning correctly.

In a noisy classroom children are;

1. Sorting out problems.

2. Verbalising issues they may have.

3. Asking questions of one and other.

4. Debating potential problems.

5. Compromising over issues.

6. Collaborating on a shared project.

7. Praising their peers.

8. Criticising another child. (Politely)

9. Making future plans.

10. Thinking critically!

11. Talking.

12. Sharing ideas.

13. Teaching each other new skills.

14. Telling each other stories.

And the list goes on. When I walk into a classroom and it’s silent, I question the teacher about their classroom management. When it’s noisy I know there’s important work happening!!

Rethink it! ❤️

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