Emotional Intelligence for 8-11 Year olds. 

This is literally the best thing I’ve ever given away. Emotional intelligence is a huge buzz word in the world of education at the moment. 
With a strong sense of emotional intelligence comes a child who can navigate the issues that school/life will throw at them. 
Questions such as :

• What does kindness look like? 

• is it really my fault? 

• should I follow or lead? 

• why am I different to others? 

• is it ok to feel lonely/sad sometimes? 

Are all covered in this amazing free booklet designed for parents, teachers and educational leaders. 

It’s free for you and can be found right here! 

Click here to download
Enjoy and please share with your network!! It’s crucial we share good pedagogy if we are to raise the standard of education forever. We need future leaders who can clean up this mess we’ve made! 


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