Does a classroom need to have 4 walls, some desks …

Does a classroom need to have 4 walls, some desks and a white board at the front? The answer is No!

Your classroom is everywhere, it’s in the leaves that hang on each tree, it’s in the voices of people as they converse, it’s in the song of each and every bird, it’s in the sky, the stars and the sun.

The world will teach our children more that you can possible imagine. Our job is to tell them where to look but not what to look at.

To allow them to make discoveries for themselves. “We must teach our children the ways of nature with love and care or the world will teach them without!”

Give your children homework tasks that use the natural surroundings.

• Bring in 5 leaves on Monday.
• Write down two sentences your grandpa said.
• time how long it takes for the stars to appear after the sun sets.
• bring a rock to school on Monday.

These kind of tasks allow for great discussion, comparison, achievement but most of all discovery.

We need our learning to allow for discovery, failure, experimentation.

“Don’t fall into the trap of “This is how you do it kids, now practice.”

My personal rule is

“Only give the children 20% of what you know and use the three I’s to structure your lesson.

• Introduction
• Inspiration
• Independence

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  1. Abhilasha Singh
    1 year ago

    I just simply love reading your ideas and inspirations. Thank you so much Mr. Gavin

  2. Anuradha Senthil
    1 year ago

    I think teacher’s are just overfeeding the students without even giving them the time to relish what they had learnt.
    Nice one Mr. Gavin.

  3. Zohra
    1 year ago

    Totally agree with your thoughts!

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