“Model the behaviour you wish to view in your chil…

“Model the behaviour you wish to view in your children!”

The importance of modelling for both parents and teachers is a crucial aspect of the educational development of the child.

Children love to have a role model, someone they can imitate and look up to. From a very early age they begin imitation as a way of learning language and Speech.

Modelling allows parents to teach values from home without actually making much effort. Parents must be conscious that each and every action they make in front of their children will be absorbed and potentially regurgitated by the child. Parents must be mindful of this and try to set the best example possible.

Teachers on the other hand can use this knowledge to implement modelling into their daily lesson plans and delivery. If you are going to ask your children to create a project on Antarctica then make one yourself first. Show the children the kind of quality you’re expecting but allow them to waver from your design.

“Setting expectations through our actions is the best way we can set the bar for the children in our care, – if you want your children to be kind, show kindness”

In this picture the children had never painted before so I had to show them how paint worked. No language required!!

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