Critical thinking is about taking education into …

Critical thinking is about taking education into the real world. Allowing our students to try and tackle today’s problems and those issues we are yet to see.

Critical thinking does not come alone, we cannot just ask our children to think critically. It requires a mixture of wider ranging skills.

One of those factors is the essence of creativity. If we as teachers are to fuel one thing in our classrooms it should be that of creativity.

For it is those stories of aliens invading earth, flying cars, a snail that lives up your nose called Harold and robot teachers that allow our children to think outside the box.

When adults watch a movie they criticise it because it was too unrealistic, where as children will just assume that the special effects are real.

It is the young and untarnished minds of our students that will allow them to harness the power of creativity to solve the global problems of tomorrow.

So when little Tommy tells you that he wants to write a story about a crab that sails around the world on a french baguette. Say YES.

For it may be HIS creative spark that saves the oceans, the atmosphere, global poverty, war, or even YOU, when your car breaks down and you’ve got no way of getting home!


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