Behind me is , the place where I work. The place w…

Behind me is , the place where I work. The place where dreams are made, children become leaders, teachers inspire, people fall and then they are lifted by the sense of community. A place we call home, a home away from home.

A place where, as I go to turn out the lights at the end of s busy day I’ll find a teacher huddled in the corner of her room preparing for tomorrow’s class. I say “don’t stay too late!” She just carries on as the sun sets outside. A place where dedication is in our blood.

A place where we work for the greater good, we act small but think big. A place I’m proud to call my work.

A place where we make mistakes, a place where we don’t mind making mistakes. A place where we listen, we learn, we evolve and change. A place where we see ourselves as global citizens. It’s out of sight, but it’s never out of mind.

A place where we’re not perfect but by golly are we trying our best and by gosh do we love what we do!!!

Make your passion your profession and you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s how I feel. What does your work look like and how do you feel?

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