What are the qualities that a ‘good’ teacher holds…

What are the qualities that a ‘good’ teacher holds? As a teacher for over 20 years here are my top 10.

1. They have a strong moral compass. They understand how their actions affect others including the other staff.

2. They share good ideas with other teachers. It’s not s competition. If you’ve got a good idea, share it.

3. They make teaching come from their heart. They love what they do and it is visible for all to see, including the children.

4. They embrace change! The only constant in education is change. So take it on.

5. They never take ‘fake’ sick days. That sick day is a day of great pressure for the school and a day when the child’s potential is not being met.

6. They travel the world in their holidays. They don’t come into school. They know that the education they need is out there. So go and find it. Then come back and inspire us all.

7. They are prepared. They know their subject matter.

8. They are wonderful time keepers and they ask children to stick to time limits too. “Your written work must be finished by 2pm”

9. They over communicate with the community. They bring parents in and take the children out.

10. They make mistakes and their not afraid to do so. That’s when our teachers learn. When things go wrong. Give it a go.


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