As I walked through the mountains I came across th…

As I walked through the mountains I came across this young man sitting in an abandoned combined harvester eating a packet of uncooked noodles.

I stopped and asked him “Hello, what are you doing?”

He finished crunching his noodles and looked as if I was asking a stupid question and said “Eating lunch!”

It’s important that we as teachers and parents allow our children to understand that just because we have a house, clean clothes, clean water and food. That right now, as they sit in their lovely warm classroom eating their carefully prepared lunch that there are children in the world who don’t have these luxuries.

Not on another planet, or somewhere lost in history. Right now as we sit here, there are children living inside sewerage pipes, eating from garbage cans, homeless, or lost.

It may sound harrowing but the reality is that the earlier we allow our children exposure to the real world, the sooner they will develop a real sense of empathy, compassion and they will understand their place in the global society.

The sense that our children can make a difference starts from the day they walk into our classroom. If a student leaves your class feeling that they have a role to play on the global stage, then you are doing a great job as a teacher.


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  1. Anshav Jain
    1 year ago

    Hello Gavin

    Found your work quite fascinating.
    I am the founder of and working on developing #MastersBeyondAcademics with Entrpreneurship Development, Financial Education, Emotional Intelligence and various other soft and life Skills along with support on Academics. We believe in technology and community development to bring in scalability and setting up After School Skills Development Centres across the globe primarily focused in APAC, EMEA and Africa markets

    Let me know if we can setup a zoom call sometime to understand how we can find out the #SkillsChamps across the world

  2. Susan Gasson
    1 year ago

    Thnterested also in sustainable informed learning.

  3. Ruth
    1 year ago

    Excellent article! All students want to make a difference in their lifetime! Thanks for the excellent article and reminder!

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