As I lit the peace candle with the amazing I con…

As I lit the peace candle with the amazing I contemplated what it means to be an educator.

It all came down to the word 'empathy'

Empathy comes from experience. Experience come from experimentation. Experimentation comes from intrigue. Intrigue is lit by inspiration and Inspiration starts right here in your classroom. With you – The teacher.

Right now we have children drowning in the oceans, bombs are being dropped on hospitals filled with children, terrorists are kidnapping families, governments are corrupt, the poor are being exploited, racism and racial hate are on the rise and children are being trafficked for sex.

The people are real, its not fiction. We can't change the channel and forget those faces of despair. it's someones daughter. They are people with hearts that beat with fear.

Although we would never dream of exposing these horrors to the children in our care. As they grow older we want them to feel they can play their part in solving these issues. We want them to stand up for what is right.

That intrigue, that sparks experimentation, that leads to experience, which ends in empathy for the fellow man starts today.

It starts in your classroom.

Be THAT teacher.

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