As graduated from to enter the world of teaching…

As graduated from to enter the world of teaching, I gave her three of the most powerful messages to take into the teaching world.

Messages that were passed to me as the grew as a teacher and messages that will stand the rest of time as we take global education to the next level.

1. Make the curriculum personal to you – if you are teaching geography, history or science. Choose topics that are close to your heart. Don’t waver away from the curriculum but personalise it to meet your needs. This way you’ll teach with passion and vigour and your shining light will inspire those in your class.

2. Cater for all types of learner – children are different and learn in different ways. Consider the children who have a different perspective. As an educator your job is to provide an education for a range of learners. The parallel learner, the solo worker, the cooperative student and the collaborative pupil. “If a plant doesn’t grow change it’s pot, not the plant”

3. Don’t tell the children everything – your job is to inspire the enquiring mind to want more. To inspire the inquisitive child to explore, research and discover. Give them 10% of what you know and let them find out the rest for themselves!!!

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