Parents, teachers and politicians. Especially poli…

Parents, teachers and politicians. Especially politicians.

It’s about time that as role models for children and the future leaders of the world that we realised the impact that every action we commit to has a huge impact on the way our children behave and what they will become.

A few years ago at school I told a young man that I believed in him. I told him that I thought he could be anything he liked, that he was smart, determined and that I was really proud of him.

I watched as he worked all morning independently, showing responsibility and maturity. All the time looking over to check in that I really did believe in him.

All I had to do is give him the thumbs up and his smile told me that he needed that. He needed someone to say those words.

We have a huge influence over the children in our class, at home and in the countries that our politicians rule.

Be responsible, shine a light of love and think about every word you say because children are like sponges. They remember everything and love to copy and imitate those they adore.

Remember this “Everybody needs someone to believe in them, that somebody could be you.”


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