Are you struggling to manage the children in your …

Are you struggling to manage the children in your class or the children in your care? As a teacher with 20 years experience. I have put together the top 6 to help you manage the classroom.

1. Allow children to sit somewhere new each day and move the furniture around once per month. It keeps the room fresh and new for your children.

2. Give short lessons where the follow up or extension work is generated by the class. “So I’ve told you about how the brain works, what would you like to know about the human body?”

3. Do not give rewards for good behaviour or excellent work. Build a culture of working hard for “you” not for me.

4. Allow children to produce work or projects for a purpose. If they’re writing a letter, make it a real letter and post it. If they’re building a Model, they can show it to another group who can learn from it.

5. Explain that each action they commit has a consequence. “If you run in the classroom, you may fall and hurt yourself, I’m your guardian at school so I will be in trouble not you. Please don’t run in here.“

6. Lead by example. If you want your class to whisper, whisper, if you want them to walk, walk. If you want them to work hard. WORK HARD!

The children notice everything!

good luck ❤️

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