20 ways our children can start saving the earth today!

This list should be on every classroom wall in the world.

  1. No paper at all is to be thrown away. Every piece must be reused!
  2. All lights must be turned off when possible.
  3. No plastic packaging can be brought into school in lunchboxes no matter what!
  4. Only buy what you need
  5. Plant a tree once per week. In a class of 30 children, that’s almost 1600 trees per year!
  6. Walk or cycle to school.
  7. Choose alternatives to meat.
  8. Plastic bags are a big ‘no no’
  9. Pick up any rubbish on your way to and from school.
  10. Compost all natural foods and use it to grow vegetables etc
  11. Prepare a talk about the risks of climate change.
  12. Use your voice and write a letter to your local politician.
  13. Volunteer to help groups who need help with environmentally friendly Initiatives
  14. Turn your computer off at night time.
  15. Be careful what we buy with our money.
  16. Help to raise money for charities trying to save the planet.
  17. Make posters about climate change and put them up around your town.
  18. Buy a water bottle instead of plastic bottles.
  19. Teach younger children about the earth and how to protect it.
  20. Remember that small changes make a big difference. school #teachers #climatechange
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  1. Bianca Pechler-Rodrigues
    4 months ago

    I have been teaching montessor pedagogy over almost 32 years and in my experience a lot of things from the list where children’s own initiatives? They know very well what needs to be done. If you kindle the fire within and practise good example, this list will be created by children crying for adults to be heard?

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