With growing up children…

With children growing up in a world filled with perfect bodies, lives, smiles and families. It is important that both schools and parents address what we can do to nurture children that can face the reality of the real world.

The world is not as it seems online. Not everyone is perfect. Not everyone is happy and not everyone Will
Be nice. So what can we do to develop the resilient child?

Both schools and parents have a responsibility to the youngsters in their care, to allow them to develop a sense of self, a sense of belonging and grow natural confidence.

These things cannot be taught directly. They cannot be instructed, but with careful consideration of the child and preparing the environment accordingly, we can allow our children to build resilience organically.

With this new found sense of confidence of who they are they will be able to look their critics in the eye, rebut the verbal heckles of the haters and defend their opinions when arguments arise.

Let’s allow our children to grow into strong individuals who understand right from wrong but have the strength to stand on their own two feet from an early age.


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