Why asking children to sit down, be quiet and listen

Why asking children to sit down, be quiet and listen, is killing the creativity in our classrooms!

Have you ever sat on a flight for 7 hours in a chair and all you want to do is stretch your legs, dance, run around or lay down?

Now imagine that same flight, but with a monotone teacher standing in front of you, regurgitating facts and asking you to copy them down and memorise them in order to pass a test on Friday?

That’s right, it would be awful!

Well that’s what many children across the world face on a daily basis, because having silent children, sitting in rows copying facts is deemed to be good teaching.

Well it’s not!

Children need to move, they need to talk, debate, dance, sing, walk, stretch, argue, think, and imagine.

They need space to get their thoughts in order so that they can navigate how they are going to show you they understood the lesson. They need to fail, to fall, to overcome difficulties, to build resilience.

The world is a noisy place filled with many perils that our children need to learn to overcome.

Let them have the freedom to see the world for what it truly is and we will cultivate young leaders who are willing to take on tomorrow’s problems with ease.

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