When I’m conducting teacher training I inform teac…

When I’m conducting teacher training I inform teachers that these 20 interventions will improve their classroom dramatically.

1. Model the behaviour you want.

2. Let students make their own rules as a class.

3. Document the classroom rules.

4. Avoid punishment. (The punishment is that you haven’t learned anything)

5. Encourage initiatives like clubs and groups.

6. Offer praise for innovation, not quality of work. (They’re working for themselves not you.)

7. Use non verbal communication.

8. Hold class celebrations.

9. Point out children who are demonstrating good classroom practice.

10. Email, call and write to parents about positive things in class.

11. Build excitement in the room about upcoming events.

12. Off free time in class for social development.

13. Don’t intervene on social issues. Let the children sort it out. (Within reason of course)

14. Have a class contract between you and them.

15. Assign open ended projects.

16. Avoid grading.

17. Interview your students twice per term.

18. Address bad behaviour immediately.

19. Remember it’s never the child’s fault. It’s their environment that is affecting their attitude.

20. Be passionate about what you do!!

Share this with all your staff to improve your school.


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