What is the emotional cup? And how can it help us understand our children more clearly?

When a child’s emotional cup is approaching empty, we may see behaviours such as these emerge:

• attention seeking behaviour to alert us that they need a refill.

• think they have to fight or flight to get a refill.

• demonstrate a sense of anxiety once they approach empty.

What causes an empty cup?

• stress and pressure to achieve
• isolation
• yelling
• punishment
• failing
• fatigue
• being forced to do what they hate

What refills a child’s emotional cup?

• play
• friendship
• one on one time together
• love and affection
• connection
• success
• being given the choice to do what they love.

As adults we can see how the emotional cups of our children will need to be observed carefully, but it is also important to know how full your own cup is?

If you’re running a little bit low too, take some time to do what you love, play a game or make a connection with a long lost friend.

Have a great weekend ahead. ❤️

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