We are just $2000 dollars short of reaching our ta…

We are just $2000 dollars short of reaching our target to build a new school for the people of Newslperassi in South Nepal.

The kind people of LinkedIn such as and have been sending never ending parcels filled with supplies to amd as you can see the pile is bigger than a man.

We have just two months to get ready for this amazing project.

If you’d like to donate money you can click here https://lnkd.in/gyAcccg

Or alternatively you can send a lovely parcel filled with educational goodies.

Your help is much appreciated.

‘As an individual I can move a rock, but together we can move a mountain.”

Come on you wonderful people. Get your school involved, get the community going and help the people who need it most. What better way to teach your children about having a helping hand in the improvement of our planet and its people!!!

If you can’t give then please share this post. It’s free and it would mean a lot.

Goodnight. And hank you.

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