Utilising your holidaysThere’s often a comment t…

Utilising your holidays

There’s often a comment thrown around in the teaching world that goes like this “Why do teachers get so many holidays?’

Firstly, a teacher is a teacher, a brother, a sister, a parent, a councillor, an inspiration, an actor, a guide, a psychologist, a friend, a partner, a diplomat. It’s tiring.

But we also need to find our own inspiration. An uninspired teacher is a waste of everyone’s time.

Teachers need those holidays as a time to travel, to climb a mountain, to walk in a river, to explore a new culture. Then the stories you tell to your children are the ones that will inspire them to be great people.

Your exploration of the world and experience will breed a colony of graduates who promote equality, they strive for change, they understand their potential and will move our world forward.

So go for it! Don’t spend your holidays planning lessons and tidying the classroom. Climb a mountain and take that photo and when you return tell the story of your adventure to your class and inspire them to follow their dreams.

A change can only come from within and only takes one pebble thrown to the pond to start the ripple flowing. Be the pebble, start a wave!!! A wave of change.

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