True test of a teacher, After visiting Southern Nepal

True test of a teacher

After visiting Southern Nepal to check in on an old friend of mine and deliver some teaching resources, I realised that the true test of the teacher is not about grades or marks.

The true test of a teacher is about these two fundamental moments;

1. Have you given the children an opportunity to work in a way that suits them on a project that inspires them, and in an arena that is new to them. Thus allowing them to make mistakes, fail, build resilience and ultimately succeed?

2. Have you taught your class to consider their position as an individual who has foresight to think big but act small. Have you given them the chance to consider the future, their future and the future of humanity and realise that THEY can make a difference in this world. They can!

We must give our children the chance to realise that their actions have immediate effects on the direct and indirect world around them and if they get it wrong, well it doesn’t matter they’ll get it right next time!

If you’re spending all your time only keeping your head above water simply managing behaviour, then you’re not a bad teacher, but if you make the changes above, behaviour management won’t be an issue.

Don’t teach facts, that’s not teaching!

Foster a love of learning ❤️

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