Tonight at home I’m preparing for tomorrow’s class…

Tonight at home I’m preparing for tomorrow’s class. And I’m going to share this great lesson with you that covers almost all aspects of the curriculum.

Here’s what you need.

Marshmallows, spaghetti, fake money.

First explain to the class that today they will need to use the skills of mathematics, teamwork, communication, geometry, collaboration and science.

The class first get into groups of 3 and are given $50 of fake money.

They must then go away in their team and design the tallest building possible, considering the strength of certain shapes versus others.

Once they have designed their building they can then visit the shop and purchase some resources.

20 pieces of Spaghetti – $5
10 marshmallows – $10
10cm of string $10

Once they have purchased their materials they can begin construction as a team.

Stress that they groups must work as a team to succeed and communication is crucial.

Some groups may misspend their $50 And need alternative resources. In this case they may need to trade with other groups as they may have also misspent their money. They will need to negotiate.

After 3 hours the children will present their structures to the other groups in the room and note the successes and the failures.

Try it tomorrow!! ❤️

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