There’s Another Way To Teach!

Here is an example of two variations of the introduction to the same lesson. Which one do you like best?

1. Good morning children today we are going to learn about Prime Minister Julia Bishop. Open your books while we read about her, highlight the key points, answer the questions about her, draw a picture and if you can remember everything I said and we learned, you get a grade A.


2. Good morning everyone, I’d like to tell you about an amazing man. His name was Gaugh Whitlam. Here’s a picture of him. He used his power as the Prime Minister of Australia to give back the land to their original owners. The Aboriginal people.

He fought for equality and has inspired me a lot. I’d like you to use the library, the computer, a friend, your parents or grandparents to find a leader from anytime in the past who made decisions that inspire you. You can work with who you like, you can represent your research however you like, a model, diagram, report, painting etc and in one week, we would like to know how your great leader will make you a better person in the future.

Which one do you prefer?

Share if you agree we should teach from our heart, allowing our passion to flow and that not all work needs to be written down. Kavita Menon agrees do you?

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  1. Mukasa David Kirunda
    1 year ago

    2 is the best for me, because as a teacher in part 2 there is a picture of what the lesson is about and love to know what is coming next. Part 2 is the best!

  2. Rehana Demaine
    1 year ago

    Option 2 allows the children to do research by using various methods.

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