There is no profession in the world that people fe…

There is no profession in the world that people feel more comfortable demeaning, disrespecting and insulting than teaching. Few of us would lay on an operating table arguing with a surgeon, but when it comes to teachers, we all award ourselves doctorates of education.

Teaching is a 4 year degree. You learn how to educate children from all backgrounds, at all levels, making lessons personalised, all the while attending to the social and emotional needs of the students in your care.

You’re a father, mother, brother, sister, friend, councillor and social worker all in one day.

In your field you are the expert that sets up all other professions. Without teachers no other professions would exist. I mean children have to find their niche somewhere! And yes it’s in your classroom!

The curriculum is forever changing and legislation is forever moving up down and sideways. Teachers are some of the most upstanding, hardworking resilient people I know but still they are slammed by parents, leaders, the government and the media.

And what do they do? They stay up until midnight planning engaging differentiated lessons, get up at the crack of dawn, turn up and inspire the future leaders of this world.


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