The Power of Reading!

If we want our children to become avid readers then we must model this activity on a daily basis. It’s time to promote quiet reading time in the house where everyone reads.

As modern technology sweeps the globe, it is important to remember that the written form is one of the oldest communication types on Earth.

As children grow, routines develop such as bedtime, playtime, and – if planned well – quiet reading time.

This is a designated time in each day when all members of the family can read quietly and enjoy the serenity of a good book. In younger children, this can start with adults reading to and with children, and as children grow and mature, each family member can enjoy a book in isolation.

Parents play a vital role in modelling the enjoyment of literature and the discussions that follow. This healthy routine will not only assist them academically, but will also allow children to understand a variety of cultures, histories and relevant stories that will craft their understanding of the world.

For parents finding it difficult to cement the routine of reading, trips to the library, bookshop and even e-books or audiobooks can assist.

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  1. Tasneem
    4 months ago

    Well said Gavin.
    My daughter grew up the same way. We call her a bookworm now. On the other hand, my son is the opposite because of online games around him. Wish he was into reading too.

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