The Importance of Observation

How important is observation in your classroom?

Observation is a vital component of any lesson plan, any scope of work or program. It is a time when teachers let go of the reigns, they encourage independence and simply sit back and watch learning take place.

You never know, if you take a back seat and look at your class from another perspective, you might be able to see where the problems lie.

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  1. David Hollands
    1 year ago

    The angle from where you see, if different, you will agree,
    The side from where you sit, mayn’t be not show you all of it.

    Change your place, and see the lot
    Because what you thought was, just maybe not.

    Before you speak or change your mind,
    Explore what else you may just find.

    Keep moving round all of the time,
    Make your every observation Rhyme.

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