The Fact Based Curriculum is Dead!

Einstein once said that compound interest was the 6th wonder of the world.

To be able to understand that if we set the foundations, the conditions for success in schools then, as time passes the rewards will be much greater.

Putting our children into the right environment, with the right teacher and the right tools, is crucial if we want them to succeed.

The ‘fact based’ curriculum is dead, it’s over. Parents and students aren’t looking for facts, they’re looking for an epic journey of discovery, filled with failure, exploration and experimentation. They want to develop the skills that will set them up for life.

Skills like empathy, compassion, time management, communication, compromise, patience, determination.

A true education is not about knowledge, it’s about how to integrate one’s self in the every changing world whilst trying to leave it in better shape than you found it. It’s about intention, sincerity and passion.

Schools must understand that most of the learning takes place whist the children living, not listening.

Let them talk, argue and debate. Don’t step in to fix situations. Allow them to decide. Let them see what life is like. The facts will come but real learning is “living.”

Let them live, and they will learn.

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  1. Marcela Mulleady
    1 year ago

    We’re wasting our children’s future.The change in educatiin must be urgent.

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