The 7 Steps to Retention!

The standard method of teaching where the teacher stands at the front, lectures the children on a specific topic and then expect them to retain it, doesn’t work!

Here are 7 steps to wholistic retention displayed below and here’s how to implement each and every one of them.

1. Lecture – direct instruction from the teacher, simply inspiring students and informing them about the learning goal! Get them hooked!

2. Reading – the class and yourself will read a text based on the topic. This is the foundation for discussion later. Read together!

3. Audiovisual – the class are asked to watch or listen to more information on the topic in their own time. This assists non- literal learners.

4. Demonstration – the teacher models an activity of his/her choice. This sets the expectations to the students and demonstrates your knowledge.

5. Discussion – The groups are required to discuss the topic, plan activities, hypothesise and nut-out any problems they may face.

6. Practice – The students carry out their research, compile their evidence and complete their project. This is independent and could take up to 1 week!

7. Teach others – the students use their finished product to teach others about what they learned.

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Let’s make the change! ❤️

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  1. Tim
    7 months ago

    Well written and explained, Gavin.

    • Gavin McCormack
      7 months ago

      Thanks Tim

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