Teaching Acceptance

To teach children the power of acceptance is one thing, but to allow them to live in a classroom where it’s part of the ethos, it’s in the air you breathe and the water you drink, means that it must be part of who you and your class are.

Acceptance works in a multitude of directions. It is not only about accepting those who are different, it’s about accepting and understand everyone for whom they are’

Knowing that there is no right or wrong way too be’ some children are loud and some are quiet, some cry easily, others never!

You can only be who you are, and people need to accept that. What that means is that you have some very powerful clashes of personality in your room, differences, arguments and heated conversations.

Now isn’t that brilliant! I mean isn’t it great that their differences will show, they will have arguments and fall outs!

Be careful not to intervene. Allow the situation to be resolved by those in the middle of it, all the while understanding that we are all different and to accept that we must communicate, compromise and have empathy.

If we want to allow our students to develop these essential skills then we must allow our children to be who they are, and promote that!

Acceptance works both ways.

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