Teachers of the world. Tomorrow I want you to pose…

Teachers of the world. Tomorrow I want you to pose this question on the board before the students come in. “What does a hero look like?”

After you have allowed your students to answer and discuss. Here are some visuals you may wish to describe.

A hero stands up for what his heart tells him is right. Even when the world says it’s wrong!

A hero helps those who need help, regardless of faith, race or gender.

A hero calls out those who badmouth others behind their back.

A hero is true to herself.

A hero never gives up. They reset, evaluate and go again.

A hero is not afraid to cry.

A hero always cares for themself first, because you can’t take care of the world if you’re not taking care of yourself.

A hero accepts everyone for who they prove to be, not what society says they are.

A hero empowers people to hold their head high, even if the world has beat them down to the ground.

A hero knows that time is the greatest gift someone can ever give.

A hero doesn’t live for fame. She lives for the feeling that being good gives.

A hero knows that everyone has the power to be a hero. It’s called being human.

At the end of the discussion ask your class to be someone’s hero today! Your hero! ❤️

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