Teachers are quitting the profession left right an…

Teachers are quitting the profession left right and centre because of the amount of paperwork required by schools and governments, but is it all necessary?

A lady on LinkedIn contacted me asking me to travel to her school to help her teach English in a more dynamic way,

Her school was high up in the mountains in the east of Nepal where the eagles dare ride the wind. The air was hot and the floor was hotter.

After 20 hours on the bus I entered the school. The children looked in awe as the teacher humbly welcomed me. She asked me if I could take her next class.

Obviously I obliged and asked for her lesson plan.

She handed me a piece of paper which simply said. “English” and nothing else.

I quickly made up a lesson on the spot. But I was worried with such little preparation that the children would have very limited English too.

And then too my surprise the students in front of me voiced questions, responses, thoughts and statements in perfect English.

It just goes to show that even without any planning at all, the teacher who teaches from the heart can inspire a generation.

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