Signs of a good classroom…

Signs of a good classroom

Isn’t it difficult being a teacher and self reflecting on your own practise. “Am I a good teacher? “ Is a question you may ask yourself. Or “Is my child’s teacher any good?”

Well here is an assessment tool to help you decide. If your classroom or your child’s classroom has these things, well you’re doing well!!

VOICE – there should be noise in every classroom. Voices of discussion, cooperation, collaboration, debate and problem solving.

CHOICE – Can your children make decisions for themselves? Where to sit, who to work with and what to learn?

REFLECTION – Is there designated time for reflection in the classroom? How did I do today? What can I do better tomorrow?

CRITICAL THINKING – Can the children solve real life problems? Make it real.

INNOVATION – Do your children have the opportunity to use their own ideas? “Model what you would do and and ask them to decide how they will paint their picture!”

SELF ASSESSMENT – Does your timetable allow children to regulate their own learning journey? “I tried my best today in English but tomorrow I will work harder on mathematics!”

CONNECTED LEARNING – Do your lessons span the curriculum? If you’re learning about polygons, how did the Romans use them in their buildings?

How are you doing?

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