Meeting with Indian teachers we spoke about presch…

Meeting with Indian teachers we spoke about preschools and their importance.

Preschools are vibrant and energetic places. The foundations for the rest of the child’s educational journey are established during these formative years.

The key to establishing a stable foundation for any preschooler, is to design a curriculum and learning environment that allows children freedom, socialisation, academic success and emotional intelligence.

A wide variety of activities arranged in a way that allows the children and teachers to move fluidly between each of them is key to a preschool classroom.

“The only constant in education is change” and although prescribed curriculums that minesweep entire sectors of the education system are great starting points, they must be designed to allow teachers to individualise their teaching approach to match the needs of the individual children and the Cultural needs of the community.

Innovations such as these are key components to educational success.

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