Leadership is the most important part of a child’s…

Leadership is the most important part of a child’s education and it starts when a child is in the sensitive periods of their most formative years. 0-6

Here are some great activities to inspire leadership in your children.

1. Give children a buddy. Designated to them. If they have an issue they’d like to discuss or someone they’d like to share a secret with, they can go to them. (If possible, make them a little older)

2. At the end of each day create a cleaning roster called ‘Care of the environment!’ It’s important that children know that the room will not magically clean itself. It is us the teachers who will have to do it and it’s not our mess. If it’s not put back correctly then others won’t be able to use it tomorrow.

3. Peer reading is a great activity. Allow older children to visit other classes twice a week to read or be read to by the younger children in the school. (It stops bullying and establishes caring networks across classes.)

4. Allow children to make their own choices. Where would you like to sit? With who? What work will you finish today? How would you like to represent your research? Did you enjoy school? How can I improve it for you? Are all good questions.

5. Teach the class that every action has a consequence. No matter how small

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