Last week I demonstrated how to draw (badly) to a group of Nepalese children

Last week I demonstrated how to draw (badly) to a group of Nepalese children who had never had a chance to use a coloured pencil.

I knew how important it was to model what my expectations were to allow the children to have a point of reference when beginning their independent work.

I drew a lion, I didn’t expect everyone to do the same as me but it allowed them to Have a benchmark of the sort of quality I was expecting.

This is highly advantageous in any lesson and I highly recommend it but one must allow students to demonstrate their own representation however they choose.

There are many ways

For example, you’re giving a lesson on the human heart and you want your class to be inspired. Don’t forget to let them know that these options are available.

1. Write a report about the functions of the heart

2. Build a model of a heart.

3. Make a comic strip about a heart that runs a company called the human body.

4. Write a play about the journey of s blood cell.

5. Create a speech about healthy living.

6. Draw a diagram of the heart.

7. Paint a picture of the inside of a heart.

8. Hold a survey about what the class think is the causes of heart disease.

9. Design a diorama about human health.

10. Interview someone about how they protect their heart.

It works. Try ❤️

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