It’s Time to Rethink Education. Are you in?

When we observe a child, it is crystal clear that the true essence of learning comes from the conversations that occur, from the moments and interactions had with teachers and peers and the sensory exploration of the prepared environments.

A child crafts their own educational narrative based on what happens during those seven hours at school. The richer the experience, the deeper the learning, the deeper the learning, the more the child will crave the natural sense of wonder instilled within him.

It seems that we have forgotten to look at the world through the eyes of the child, we have forgotten the importance of movement, communication and experimentation.

Many of us, sit our children in rows, each child assigned to a certain desk, quiet while the teacher is talking with all children working on the same learning outcome, no autonomy when it comes to how the children choose to represent their learning. Stop!

It’s time to reflect and remember what it is that makes us, as adults enjoy learning. We have six senses and when they are excited, learning comes naturally. It’s time to start again, to let go of the rigidity of the syllabus and inspire our children to want more, to ask questions and to feel that the curriculum is theirs, not ours.

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  1. Soma
    11 months ago

    Excellent …Working with 6 senses and helping kids to explore them and understand is The way to new education..

  2. Rayray
    11 months ago

    Its beautiful to observe individuals, when you break it down , each sense creates a movement, experience, a memory to last

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