It’s the end of week 2 in kavre Nepal

It’s the end of week 2 in kavre Nepal, where construction of the new school is well underway. With thanks to my team Zunoo Maya, Uzz Wal and Anand Devkota the floor is almost complete.

With earthquakes being so frequent and so strong we have built the foundations so strong that a 3 storey building could be placed here. The 5 inch concrete floor is made from local rock, sand and cement and the local labourers are working from dusk till dawn to complete this project by Christmas Day.

Our gift to them this year is the gift of a future. All your donations have helped make this happen. The beauty of this project is that if you give me $1 I’ll spend $1.

It’s truly a global effort and I couldn’t have done it without you are your support, fingers crossed we can finish it before Santa arrives.

Special mentions to Osman Karolia, Roseanne Rofaeel Sharon Rasco Graeme Myburgh Koko Loco Andy Baines Rocío Mínguez Sparrowe Marc Wright James Harrison Josh Maingard Emma Whale who have gone way beyond the call of duty to help raise money and awareness. ❤

I promise to do your efforts justice.

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