It’s so important to understand that children need role models

It’s so important to understand that children need role models and role models need the opportunity to demonstrate leadership.

I mean come on, the world needs some new leaders. Corruption is rife, the seas are full of plastic and rising, the earth is getting hotter and racism is running wild!

Several weeks ago I delivered this white board and magnetic letters to a village deep in the Himalayas.

Before I could even think about using them, an older child had already set out the letters in order and was conducting his own lesson on phonics.

I was amazed at this. Children are inherently kind, caring and nurturing of each other. Yes they can be mean, say hurtful things and sometimes make each other cry but deep down they really want to care for each other.

As teachers it is our duty to make our children understand why it feels so good to help another person. “Because you are using the skills you have learned to improve the lives of another.”

“How did it make you feel to help another person? That’s right it feels great. Let’s see who else we can help?”

We can all make a difference to the way the world works and it all starts with the smallest offer of kindness and love.


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